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Tacoma City Council Keeps Electronic Billboard Moratorium in Place

Tacoma’s Electronic Billboard Moratorium is still in effect!

Great news last night as the Tacoma City Council voted to keep the moratorium on electronic billboards in effect. The moratorium will be in effect until November 16th unless the council decides it needs more time to determine what course of action to take.

Last night’s meeting was well attended and the activists against the electronic billboards gave the city council over 1,400 signatures of concerned citizens who do not want the billboards in place in Tacoma. Also speaking out were supporters of the electronic billboards. One supporter suggested that Tacoma should just go along with the other 400 or so communities that have adopted electronic billboards. Since the other communities have them he stated that Tacoma should too.

Just because 400 other communities decided to make a decision does not make it the City of Tacoma’s obligation to follow blindly along. In my opinion the continued spread of mass media communications in our neighborhoods speeds the decline of the urban landscape. I say that Tacoma should stand as an example of saying no to the mass media exploitation of our community.  If we allow our neighborhoods to be filled with 24/7 electronic marketing it will be a sad day in the history of Tacoma.

We need to as a community continue to let the City Council know that we do not want this type of advertising in our neighborhoods. We need to let the companies who advertise on these devices know that we do not want their products. We need to let Clear Channel know that their billboards are not welcome. Now is the time to continue to our efforts to stop the commercialization of our cities neighborhoods.

As citizens of Tacoma we need to remember that we do have a voice that needs to be heard. I urge you to contact your City Council member. Speak up and make your voice heard.

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One Response to Tacoma City Council Keeps Electronic Billboard Moratorium in Place

  1. Scott Cowan says:

    It is vital that we as residents of the city continue to inform our elected officials that we do not want these billboards in our city. By continuing to vocalize our opinions we will be able to send the message that we do not want to be like the other communities when it comes to mass media marketing.

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